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Please take the time today to choose items for your graduation order and notify Gateway's office of your choices and participation. When you mail in the list: please include your name, phone number and a cashier’s check or money order. Any orders placed after the deadline date you will have a $25.00 donation added to them to cover cost of additional shipping & handling  for individual orders. If you wish to receive your Cap & Gown or T-shirt early please inform us when submitting forms.

 **ALL** McNairy, Hardin, Chester, Hardeman and Madison County Seniors are required to attend the Ceremony

T-Shirts will be ordered in January and mailed out (or pick up at graduation) upon arrival.

As the school year progresses, it is a time to look back with pride, look forward with confidence and celebrate all of your achievements. Whether you are excited, proud, relieved or amazed that the School year is rapidly coming to an end and you have accomplished all you set out to do, Gateway is very proud of you!

All students and seniors have the privilege of attending the Awards & Graduation Ceremony. By participating you will receive rewards, ribbons, certificates, and trophies! Students also have the option to purchase cap, gown, tassel & Senior T-Shirt before pictures are taken. Call the Academy today to reserve a seat for the Awards & Graduation ceremony or to place an early order.

All seniors(or Kindergarten) must complete and turn in all tests by May 20th in order to take their Diploma home after the Ceremony. If a student fails to complete all required work by deadline you may ask for an extension and still be allowed to walk in the Graduation line. On approved extensions tests must be turned in no later than June 30th. If you need to know how many Books your child is required to finish in May, please call our office.

Please call (731)934-9476 or 731-434-7393 to verify your participation in the program.

Graduation is a time of many feelings; Pride, Happiness, Accomplishments and Appreciation. The memories of these happy times you’ve shared with us on your special day will linger on throughout the years and ever with us stay.

Thank you for your time and prompt response on your Graduation orders!

We are sending out a personal invitation to you and your family to attend Gateway Christian Academy’s Awards & Graduation Ceremony. Our ceremony will be held in May. If you need an exact date for invitations please call our office. Graduation will be held at our home church (unless otherwise notified).

Gateway Chapel (Home of: Gateway Christian Academy)

2342 Refuge Road

Bethel Springs, TN 38315


Selmer Community Center

230 N. 5th Street

Selmer, TN 38375

If you have internet access you may visit www.randmcnally.com for directions to our church or the Selmer Community Center.


 Hardbound Diploma Cover : $60.00 donation

Kindergarten Diploma Donation: $10.00 (Gown Donation $40.00)

Cap, Gown, & Tassel  in School colors of Maroon and Gold: $60.00 donation (8th and 12th)

Certificates: FREE (upon participation)

Cap, Gown, Tassel & Honor Cord will be ordered in January.

Trophy Donation: $30.00 (If you are attending the ceremony you *must* purchase trophy’s)

Highest Academic Level:

Math, English, History, Science, Vocabulary, Bible, Spanish, Art, & Electives.

Senior Trophy, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Honor

Senior T-Shirts: $20.00 donation (Senior year Design on a colored short sleeved t-shirt)

Class T-Shirts: $20.00 donation (Gateway Christian Academy Design on a colored short sleeved t-shirt)






3’7” TO 3’9” AVERAGE 30

3’10” TO 4’0” AVERAGE 33

4’1” TO 4’3” AVERAGE 36

4’4” TO 4’6” AVERAGE 39

4’9” TO 5’2” UP TO 160 LBS. 44

5’3” TO 5’5” UP TO 205 LBS. 47

5’6” TO 5’8” UP TO 240 LBS. 50

5’9” TO 5’11” UP TO 260 LBS. 53

6’0” TO 6’2” UP TO 285 LBS. 56

6’3” TO 6’5” UP TO 310 LBS. 59

6’6” TO 6’8” UP TO 320 LBS. 62






4’9” TO 5’2” FROM 160 TO 235 LBS. 50-9

5’3” TO 5’5” FROM 205 TO 280 LBS. 50-9

5’6” TO 5’8” FROM 240 TO 315 LBS. 50-9

5’9” TO 5’11” FROM 260 TO 345 LBS. 56-9

6’0” TO 6’2” FROM 285 TO 360 LBS. 56-9

6’3” TO 6’5” FROM 310 TO 385 LBS. 56-9

6’6” TO 6’8” FROM 320 TO 395 LBS. 56-9


MEMO: For Seniors who are NOT participating in the Graduation Walk, you may order your cap & gown in colors of:

Black, White, Maroon, Purple, Blue, Royal Blue & Green.


**Remember to add shipping fee’s along with your order. Once Shipment arrives at our office we must then sort and ship out to your home.